Babywearing in the Holidays

Christmas might be looking a little different this year, yet carrying is still an incredible tool which can make such a positive impact on your day regardless of your plans.  Here are just a few ways that using a baby wrap or carrier can help on Christmas Day:

Carrying provides:

  • A safe place to retreat from any unfamiliar noise.
  • A safe place to retreat from any unfamiliar faces (... although not as many this year!)
  • Reassurance that you are there and they feel safe no mater what is going on around them.
  • A welcome distraction from all the bustle and noise. If they feel overwhelmed, a quick walk outside can bring such calm and relief.
  • A place to nap if their routine is a little out of kilter.
  • A way of looking after your little one and helping their siblings at the same time.

Christmas is such a lovely opportunity to celebrate together as a family, and we’re so glad that a carrier can help bring a little extra calm (& cuddles) to what has been a particularly challenging year.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Team Slumber-Roo/Boba UK Xxx

Tips collated by Jess Hippey, a friend of Boba UK

Jess is based in Aberdeen, Scotland, a mum to two boys and experienced Carrying Consultant.  For more information about Jess's carrying consultancy and community sling library, visit