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With thanks to Sophy Yildirim & Rachel Hammerton

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As babywearing consultants, we are often asked to recommend the one carrier that will last from birth to toddlerhood and pre-school aged children too.  Often, we’d suck our teeth and explain that many of the carriers that claim to do such a thing had disadvantages, at one end of the timeline or the other.  Now, however, the Boba X is really one of the few carriers that is pulling off newborn to toddlerhood in one package.  We’re liking it .. a lot!




  • The prints: Major excitement came about when we first opened the Mademoiselle print Boba X box.  The print is stunning and the fabric is beautifully soft.  This is not a shallow aspect of using a sling. If you enjoy the look of a carrier, it is going to be enjoyed and used more.  It goes without saying that you need to like the feel of it, and it would be hard not to like the main fabric of this Boba carrier. The other prints are beautiful too, with sufficient range to match personal taste preferences.  We found it softer than previous Boba carriers. 
  • Ease of seat and back panel adjustment:  No inserts or cushions, no stirrups!  Yes – we love the ease of being able to tailor this carrier to a newborn’s body without faffing.  Our hearts used to sink when customers asked us to show them soft, structured carriers for newborns.  Frequently, carriers required additional components for newborns. The cushion from the Boba 4G was tricky for some parents to master instantly.  The Boba X is now one of the few carriers we are confident will provide comfortable support in the right places for most newborns over 7lbs.  At the other end of the scale, this carrier is generous for toddlers whilst managing not to be too bulky.
  • Crossable shoulder straps:  Yes, it is so good to have a carrier where the shoulder straps have the option of crossing.  Sometimes it can be the key to providing that little extra bit of gentle tension across the top of a younger baby’s spine, or that ultimate secure fit for those wearers who are more petite.  Equally, these crossing straps allow wearers to switch between styles of wearing.   If you don’t like the feeling of the shoulder strap in your armpit area, you are able to cross and allow greater freedom of movement for your arms. It’s also great for altering where a strap is sitting - if you are breastfeeding and looking to ensure you do not have repetitive pressure on your breast tissue for example.
  • Adaptable between wearers:  Like all Boba carriers, changing between different wearers is really easy.  There are loads of adjustments that can be made, yet the buckles and webbing are not overwhelming.
  • Waistband Pocket:  A winner every time, and this one is a bit bigger than the Boba 4G. It’s a super feature to be able to keep your essential items in - mobile phone, maybe your keys in a wallet, and some poo bags for nappies or, for any avid dog walkers. It’s the perfect pocket size. It’s even zipped!
  • Bag Loop:  If you have never tried a Boba carrier, you might not know what we are on about. So, on each shoulder strap there’s a loop of fabric that poppers closed, for you to secure the strap of your handbag or such like - genius and so, so useful!
  • Accessories in one purchase + instructions:  We like the fact you buy this carrier and the zip in extenders for the pre-school stage are included, as were the stirrups with the 4G but we like these 'harder to loose' accessories better. The instruction manual is extensive and, as instruction manuals go, easy to understand.

So, overall we give the Boba X 10/10 – as babywearing consultants, we are constantly explaining that choosing a carrier is like deciding on a pair of jeans.  Before you try the jeans on, you don’t really know what the fit is going to feel like. The Boba X is definitely a carrier you need to try ... you might just fall in love with it! For Southsea Slings, it's a very welcome addition to both our library and retail stock.


Room for improvements?  We think issues we can sometimes encounter working with the Boba X are minor and surmountable for most of our clients.  However, here are our thoughts on areas for potential improvements:

  • It is notable that the shoulder straps are still Boba signature contoured cut and a little rigid, so they are great for the H carry set up, but could sometimes sit better in the crossed option. Perhaps the contour could be slightly less extreme and they could be just a smidge less rigid.
  • The dual adjustment for the shoulder straps would work better if the webbing was longer. If a wearer struggles with flexibility, it is tricky to tighten forwards with a crossed strap carry.

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