Why we LOVE the Boba Stretchy Wrap

With thanks to The Sling Library – Greater Manchester
 When we were setting up The Sling Library we tried a selection of different stretchy wraps for our customers to use.  It was important that we got it right as we run a Free Stretchy Hire Scheme and a Fourth Trimester Group, the ‘Cake for Breakfast’ Club!
 We needed a good quality wrap that could handle a lot of wear and tear, just the right amount of ‘stretch’ and price wise, it needed to be accessible for our families and for the library - enter the Boba Stretchy Wrap! 


SO … Why do we LOVE the Boba Stretchy?

  1. It is breathable! The first thing we noticed about the Boba Wrap was the soft jersey fabric. It’s like a comfy, breathable jumper.  It has a ‘looser’ knit than some other stretchies which I think makes it easier to use and helps air flow better when wrapped around baby. 
  1. It is really stretchy! The jersey style knit means that the fabric has fantastic stretch both horizontally and vertically. I find that this is great when working with families who have never used a stretchy before, as it can be more forgiving and easier to adjust. The edges of the fabric are not hemmed and can easily be stretched to create comfortable shoulder flips or for a small hood for the back of baby’s head without adding any pressure.  You just wrap super snug to ensure a supportive fit for bigger babies and you’re good to go!
  1. Each side feels different! One side of the fabric is smooth and the other has the texture of the knit. This is brilliant for learning and checking that you have not twisted the fabric at any stage when putting it on. It really helps in the early stages when getting to grips with using a wrap. I also find that the textured side has a small amount of friction to it, allowing the fabric to stay in place and making sure that shoulder flips stay put and do not keep popping undone. 
  1. It comes with a handy bag! The little bag that comes with the wrap is perfect for travelling and keeping the wrap clean. The bag keeps the fabric wrapped up small, perfect for throwing into the bottom of your pram or stuffing into a baby bag.
  1. It is nice and wide!  We love how wide the fabric is, this makes it very supportive when the passes are spread across your back or around your hips. The width allows for full coverage on baby’s back for children of all sizes.

We get a lot of positive feedback about the Boba Wrap and it is a firm favourite with our new families and expectant parents too!  Visit The Sling Library Greater Manchester here or for other libraries recommending the Boba Wrap, contact the Boba UK team on 

You can shop the Boba Wrap selection here