Why We Love The Boba X! A Mother's Story

Boba have recently released the Boba X to cater to baby-wearing parents looking for a product for all stages of their little ones first years, from newborn to toddlerhood WITHOUT the need for an insert. The Boba X claimed to be versatile and easy to adjust, something I haven’t found before. I was not disappointed. 


There are a wide variety of patterns to choose from-floral, nature, earthy, geometric, Boho, denim and plain to name a few. Truly something for everyone. I am testing the Boba X in Seville. The fabric was something that really stood out to me. As an avid wrap wearing mum, I craved something that would give me that warm soft closeness that wearing your little one in a wrap provides. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft cotton used with Boba X. It feels like a perfect mix between a carrier and a wrap, and gives me that extra security now that my little one is on the heavier side at 8 months old. 

The extra features are really quite unique and not something I’ve seen before. It has a pocket within the waistband (the PERFECT size for your phone-awesome), it is very simple to modify with easy Velcro adjusters in the leg panels and a buckle to adjust the body panel depending on the size of your baby. It contains a long hood that can be tucked away and zipped up when not in use (perfect for protection against the sun and wind), and has popper flaps on the shoulders. These are a life saver when it comes to securing a bag, dummy or even a toy for baby’s entertainment. The Boba X also comes with ‘wings’. These are extra padding that zip onto the leg panels for toddler wearing. I have seen parents wearing children up to four and five years old in the Boba X with the help of these panels, a wonderful feature that could help children with additional needs.


The best feature by far for me, is the clip that connects the shoulder straps in the middle of your back (or chest depending on whether you’re front or back carrying). This can be moved further up or down your back just by sliding it up the shoulder straps. A small thing that makes a huge difference to the comfort and security of the carrier.

Overall, it was incredibly easy to adjust with or without baby inside the Boba X. Straps on the shoulders and around the waist can simply be pulled to tighten quickly and easily. It is honestly the most secure and comfortable carrier I have worn, for both me and baby. It truly does grow with your little one.

By Rose, Honest Mother

Photographs by Noah Moralis