Our Story

Boba products are distributed in the UK & Ireland by Slumber-Roo who are responsible for the management of the Boba UK website: and all related dispatches and customer service enquiries.

If you have any questions about Boba Products, please do not hesitate to contact our team.  We welcome enquiries from both retail and wholesale customers, in addition to health professionals, sling libraries and brand collaborators.  We feel sure you'll love Boba as much as we do!

Email: Tel: 01803 782959

A few words from Boba Founder, Elizabth Autunovic

In April 2007 we decided to take a year off to travel the world with our 2 kids on a tight budget, start a business and simply live. When I say on a ‘tight budget’ I really mean it! We simply gave everything we had away and just took off – Robert and I, a few thousand dollars, 2 backpacks and our kids. We were adamant about finding out how to combine both work and pleasure and to really try to live the dream of traveling while working simultaneously. We knew that this baby carrier idea of ours wouldn’t go away and had huge potential, yet starting a business from scratch while traveling the world with 2 kids was something we would need to put some effort into. We felt that we were up to it.

We started Boba because we believed in Freedom Together with your kids is possible and we wanted to share that passion with parents around the world. We care about children, and we extend that caring to our customers every day through products of unrivalled quality, coupled with outstanding customer support. Our products are designed considering the needs of the child, mother, and father.

Challenge is great. Building a business is fun. Contributing something useful to the world is fulfilling. But doing something that you love is the ultimate. We love what we do.  As much, if not more, than when we first began. That passion thrives within our distributors and influences how they represent our brand in their region and the support they extend to customers, retailers, and the wider community, every single day.

Thank you for being part of that journey!